Local Lib Dems save Faraday Road football ground

20 Nov 2023
Reopening of Faraday football ground

The football ground on Faraday Road, Newbury reopened for football on 19th November, since the previous Conservative Council evicted Newbury Football Club and youth groups five years ago.

Local Liberal Democratactivists councillors and activists campaigned hard to stop the Conservatives 'redeveloping' the site into industrial units.

Now, Liberal Democrat-run West Berkshire Council has returned the football ground to the local football community.

Lee Dillon, the Liberal Democrat Propective Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, and Leader of West Berkshire Council, said "I'm a big football fan myself. It is indeed an honour to be one of the team who reopened the football ground."

"I'm very proud to see our successful campaigns have retained football in our local community. Congratulations to the winning teams."