19,987 pensioners in Newbury left out in the cold as broken triple lock promise creates £431,719 cost of living black hole

The Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservatives of leaving pensioners in Newbury with a “hole in their pocket” after breaking a manifesto promise to protect the state pension.

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Newbury left lagging behind by the Government’s broken promise on broadband


Boris Johnson’s promise to provide 85% of homes and businesses in Newbury with high-speed broadband by 2025 is set to be broken, local Liberal Democrats can reveal.

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Newbury Conservative MP cannot hide behind lame excuses any longer

Boris Must Go

Local Liberal Democrat Lee Dillon calls on Laura Farris to sack Boris Johnson.

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Conservatives breaking police officer promise for Thames Valley


The Conservative Government is failing to deliver the promised 600 more police officers for the Thames Valley

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South Central Ambulance Service Response Times Soar for Most Urgent Calls


South Central ambulance service response times for the most serious incidents, e.g. cardiac arrest, increased to almost 9 minutes in December, new Ambulance Service Statistics have revealed. 

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