Liberal Democrat values and principles discussion

The Liberal Democrat values and principles of liberty, equality, community, internationalism and environmentalism discussed at the Newbury, Vales and Downs Branch meeting of 10th March 2020.

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No idling and safer schools zones motion to cut air pollution submitted to West Berkshire Council

On Tuesday 3rd March, Cllr Erik Pattenden submitted the Safer Schools motion to investigate and pilot idle-free and safer schools zones  centred on West Berkshire schools to and give West Berkshire Council the opportunity to take positive action on health of school children, staff and neighbours, but that will benefit the wider public as well, by addressing the problems caused by air pollution.


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Education, environment and economy set to suffer as budget amendments voted down

Liberal Democrat proposals to provide help for the elderly, deliver ambitious plans to tackle the environmental emergency and give financial assistance to low income families were all rejected last night by the ruling Conservative administration at West Berkshire Council.

At the budget setting meeting of the Council, Liberal Democrats tabled 14 amendments to the budget that would have helped deliver much improved environmental, educational and economic outcomes for residents across the district.

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Response to West Berks Council 'Environment Strategy'

Following cross-party action involving the Lib Dems on West Berks Council, a climate emergency was declared in July 2019, with the Tory-controlled administration finally publishing their 'Environment Strategy' in January 2020. You will find the Council's strategy document here, and the WBC Lib Dem response below, as well as the separate responses from the Lib Dem-controlled Newbury and Thatcham Town Councils.

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Response to criticism of local councillor

We are aware of the news story relating to comments made on Twitter by one of our local councillors. We have discussed the incident with the person involved who understands the mistake made and has both retracted their comments and fully apologised for them. 

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