South Central Ambulance Service Response Times Soar for Most Urgent Calls


South Central ambulance service response times for the most serious incidents, e.g. cardiac arrest, increased to almost 9 minutes in December, new Ambulance Service Statistics have revealed. 

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Residents in West Berkshire face a £622 rise to energy bills in April, new figures reveal


West Berkshire is set to be hit hard by the expected rise in energy bills in April, new figures have revealed.

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Historic Newbury by-election result eclipsed as Lib Dems tell Johnson the Party's Over

Last night, Helen Morgan, Liberal Democrat candidate in the North Shropshire Parliamentary by-election, won a historic victory, with a 34.1 percentage point swing from the Conservatives to the Lib Dems, eclipsing even the famous Liberal Democrat Newbury by-election victory of 1993 (28.4pp).

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Laura Farris Must Apologise on Behalf of Her Party


Laura Farris must apologise to people of Newbury on behalf of her party, says Lib Dem spokesperson Lee Dillon.

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Only 168 families in West Berkshire helped by Conservatives' failed green plan to insulate homes

Green Homes Campaign

Only around 168 families in West Berkshire have been supported to better insulate their homes under the government’s flagship Green Homes Grant scheme, new figures have revealed.

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