Save Our Rivers: Lee Dillon demands Thames Water put the environment before profit

22 Jan 2024
Lee Dillon demds Thames Water put environment before profit

Lee Dillon, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, and Leader of West Berkshire Council, and the Liberal Democrats are proposing transforming Thames Water into a 'Public Good Company' that will have to put the environment ahead of profits.

Environmental experts would be put on the company's board, and the company would have to comply with new rules making it a lot more transparent to the public.

"It's about time we ripped up this scandal ridden industry and put our environment first," said Lee.

"It's disgraceful that Thames Water can continue paing out massive bonuses to it's executives whie at the same time dumping sewage in our rivers and streams."

"If the Conservatives won't take action to put our environment first, then West Berkshire and Newbury residents will have no choice but to hold them to account at the ballot box", said Lee.