Newbury Ticket Office saved

2 Oct 2023
Lee Dillon Newbury Ticket Office

Local people are celebrating across West Berkshire and beyond following the Government's u-turn on their plans to close our local Rail Ticket Offices.

The Government plans were met with fierce opposition, with over 750,000 people responding to a national consultation on the proposals, and where 99% were against the plans.

Locally, the West Berkshire and Newbury Lib Dems joined local residents to oppose the plans, that would also have seen Newbury Ticket Office close.

The Liberal Democrat Prospective Parlimentary Candidate for Newbury, and Leader of West Berkshire Council, Lee Dillon said "This is a victory for local people. We are delighted the huge campaign against the closures has been successful."

"The Conservative Government has been forced into an embarassing u-turn. Closing Newbury Ticket Office would have impacted more vulnerable residents in our community who struggle to use ticket machines or online bookings."

"It shows what we can achieve when we come together. It's a win for local people over an out-of-touch Government."