New YouGov poll puts Lib Dems within striking distance in Newbury constituency

A new poll conducted by the YouGov survey company has found the Liberal Democrats to be within striking distance of winning in the Newbury constituency.

The poll, conducted using the MRP methodology, which has been found to be a reliable indicator for predicting recent general election results, saw the Liberal Democrats just 4% behind the Conservatives in Newbury, with Labour a lot further back on 9%.

The result of the poll was as follows:

Conservatives: 42%

Liberal Democrats: 38%

Labour: 9%

The poll also found that the Conservatives are already set to lose 26 seats to the Liberal Democrats across the so-called "Blue Wall".

Lee Dillon, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, said:

“This poll backs up what voters have told us on the doorstep. Newbury residents are fed up of being taken for granted by this Conservative government and are turning to the Liberal Democrats to send Boris Johnson a message.

It’s clear from this poll that the Liberal Democrats can win in Newbury, while Labour are far behind. This should be a wake up call to our Conservative MP that if her party does not do the right thing and sack Boris Johnson, her seat in Parliament is under serious threat.”

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