West Berkshire Council reported to Trading Standards over Green Bin Tax

Lib Dem Councillor Alan Macro has complained to West Berks Council Trading Standards that the council did not adequately inform residents that they need only pay £25 for garden waste collection (Green Bin Tax) if they subscribe between 1st March and 30th June. The complaint reads:

"I (Cllr Alan Macro) wish to make an official complaint that West Berkshire Council did not properly publicise the ability for residents to pay the garden waste collection charge for just part of a year.

The ability to pay for part of a year was buried in the Terms and Conditions. It was not publicised in the letter to residents, on the main web page concerning the charge or even in the FAQs.

The only explanation is that the council wanted as few people as possible to know about the partial year charge.

I look forward to Trading Standard investigating this blatant omission."

Councillor Alan Macro commented that "this behavior is what would expect of a disreputable company, not of a public body. Many residents only need to have their garden waste collected in the spring and summer. Most of these will probably have paid the full £50 subscription without realising they need to pay only half that".

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