Voter ID "Unnecessary and illiberal" - Lee Dillon

Lee Dillon, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, has branded the Conservative plans for voters to have to show a form of ID in order to vote in future elections, announced in today's Queen's Speech, as unnecessary and illiberal.

It was announced today that the the Government will bring forward an "Electoral Integrity Bill", which would force voters to prove their identity in order to vote at general elections.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Newbury Lee Dillon said:

"Again the Conservative Government has shown its worrying authoritarian streak; first with its plans for vaccine passports, and now with its plans for voter ID. The Government's clear desire for a 'papers please' society is a threat to our freedoms.

"Not only our these plans deeply illiberal but they are also completely unnecessary. The cases of voter fraud in the UK are extremely low; this is a solution looking for a problem. These plans will result in increased red-tape for thousands of people who do not currently have any form of ID, many of whom are some of the poorest in our society. Voting is a right and the Conservatives' plans will put at risk many people's opportunity to exercise it." 

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