Ed Davey Invites People of West Berkshire to Join the Lib Dems

In a letter to the people of West Berkshire & Newbury, new Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has invited those interested in fighting for a fairer country to join him.

Dear friend,

These are challenging times. Tens of thousands of families have lost loved ones and millions of people are worried they may lose their jobs. The country was already heading in the wrong direction. Now the need for change is urgent and essential. 

As the Liberal Democrats’ new leader, I will make sure that we are listening to you and leading the fight for a fairer country. I want you to join me in that fight.

I love this party and our values of fairness, compassion and hard work. I want to help build a country that represents those values. A country that not only claps for carers but also gives them the money they need to do their jobs. 

I know how difficult life as a carer is. When I was 12, I became a young carer to my terminally-ill mum. My dad had passed away, so my brothers and I looked after mum every day for the last year and a half of her life. 

My experience is far from unique. There are millions of people across the country now caring for loved ones. But that experience helped shape me and my politics. It is what inspires my vision of a fairer and more caring country. 

If you share that vision and those values, then please join the Liberal Democrats today and help us change Britain for the better. 

Best wishes, 

Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats 

P.S. More than 100,000 people are Liberal Democrat members. Join us today from just £1 per month here.

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