Lib Dems submit 7,500 strong petition calling to scrap the Green Bin Tax

Lib Dem Campaigners and Councillors have been campaigning for over a year against the Council’s Green Bin Tax. Thursday evening saw Lib Dems present petitions with over 7,500 signatures to the Leader of Council demanding them to scrap the Green Bin Tax.

Commenting on the petitions being presented to West Berkshire Council, Cllr Alan Macro said “Recycling shouldn’t be a luxury for the well-off or elite. It’s a sad state of affairs that we’ve reached a point where residents have to decide between doing the right thing for our environment or affording the bare necessities. That is the decision some of our residents will be making.”

Newbury resident Pete Logan, who also attended the protest, said “I’ve always done my best to recycle and the Green Bin Tax makes it significantly harder. I’m happy to be here tonight to protest the tax and stand up for the thousands of residents who cannot afford to it.”

West Berkshire Lib Dem Leader Cllr Lee Dillon says “We need to think seriously about how we treat the environment and make it easy or residents to recycle. I’m a father of three and I want my children to inherit a clean and safe environment."

“The council has got this wrong and the anger from the public should speak volumes. I hope the council accepts these petitions and scrap the Green Bin Tax” he added.

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