Lib Dems make significant gains in 2019 local elections

A massive thank you to everyone that helped, supported and voted for us to achieve a massive increase in representation on West Berkshire Council, and to have won control of Newbury and Thatcham Town Councils in order to bring real change for the residents of West Berkshire.

West Berkshire Council

For the West Berks District Council election, we nearly quadrupled our representation going from 5 out of 52 councillors, or 10% of the seats, to 16 out of 43 councillors, or 37% of the seats.

So we have almost four times as much a proportion of the seats that we used to have.

You will find a summary of the results on the West Berks Council website please go here, and for a detailed view by ward, please go here.

Newbury Town Council

On Newbury Town Council, we won 19 of the 23 seats, and now control the council. 

Thatcham Town Council

For Thatcham Town Council, we won 15 of the 18 seats, and now control the council. 

Join our winning team

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