Lib Dems launch manifesto to Demand Better for West Berkshire

Launching the 2019 Liberal Democrat Fresh Start Manifesto, Councillor Lee Dillon, Leader of the West Berkshire Liberal Democrats, says "At a time when national politics is dominated by one issue, the important role that local councils play on a daily basis can get lost in the noise. In spite of this, our pledge is to deliver better services and be better representatives for you and your family."

Councillor Dillon continued, "As Liberal Democrats we have put forward policies that can be delivered over the course of the next council term and will improve our environment, invest in our towns and villages, and support the most vulnerable. Our manifesto is presented in four themes which we believe, in short, cover what you should expect from your council to protect our environment, invest in you and your family, care for the vulnerable and support our communities."

"A Liberal Democrat controlled council will not just deliver policies policies within these themes. We will also use our collective voices to speak up for West Berkshire. Whether it be on the impact of Brexit on our local economy, the need for more funding for our schools, or calling for better environmental regulations, we will not shy away from demanding better for West Berkshire."

"I love West Berkshire. It is optimistic, good-humoured and confident. Our young people are bright, creative and want to live in a world that is clean and green - not a world that the rest of us have wrecked."

"Our vision is for a West Berkshire that is successful, forward looking and recognised as a good place to live and work. We aim for an area that cares for those that live within it's boundaries and those who visit. We seek towns and villages that care for their environments as a custodian for the next generation."

To see our Fresh Start manifesto themes, key policy items and the full document, click here.

To hear Councillor Dillon discussing the manifesto on Sunday Life on Kennet Radio on Sunday 14/04/19, go to 17:50 on the listen again link here


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