Lee Dillon stands by citizens and business in West Berkshire

Speaking after the announcement of Ed Davey in Parliament this morning concerning the EU Future Relationship Bill, the Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury Constituency, Cllr Lee Dillon said: 'This is a deal squarely owned by the Tory government which has the power to push it through regardless of how the opposition votes today. Whilst we are glad that some kind of deal has been done, we cannot accept Johnson's claim that it is 'great news for our country''.

'And while the verdict of our Conservative MP is that 'this deal is in all our interests', that is only because of the incompetence which left us staring down the barrel of No Deal just days before the deadline.'

'I am pleased that the Liberal Democrat party is standing by our pro-european principals and the values of our party by voting against this deal, which does not protect the rights of citizens nor help our businesses prosper.'

'Ed Davey's tabled amendments to the EU Future Relationship Bill make it clear that our party will continue to challenge the Tories both nationally as well as locally to act in the best interest of everyone in this great nation, and ensure that they face proper scrutiny of their ongoing negotiations.'

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