Council Response on Free School Meals Not Good Enough

Replying to the Leader of West Berkshire Council Lynne Doherty's response to his letter calling for the Council to step up and ensure that children on Free School Meals don't go hungry this Christmas, Lee Dillon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on West Berkshire Council, said the Council needed to show some leadership.

He said:

"The Council's response to this is not good enough. Rather than signposting those in need elsewhere, the Council should show some leadership and take responsibility with a fully funded response of their own.

The work of local charities, community groups, businesses and individuals in response to this pandemic has been fantastic, and yet again they are stepping up to the mark to offer their support, but at a time when many of these groups themselves are struggling, it should really be government, both local and national, that steps up.

The Council's current approach risks children slipping through the cracks, but we know this can be avoided. Liberal Democrat Councils from Portsmouth to Kingston have put in place plans to ensure that vulnerable children will not go hungry. We should be doing the same in West Berkshire.

The West Berkshire Liberal Democrats will continue to run their petition until adequate plans are in place, and I will now move ahead with calling an extraordinary Council meeting so that these plans can be discussed in enough time for them to be implemented before the Christmas holidays."

You can sign our petition here.  

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