Greenham Councillors Speak Out on Football Ground "Plan B"

Following news that on the 14th January at the next West Berkshire Executive meeting there will be a decision on the chosen site for the new home of a football facility in Newbury, Lib Dem Councillors have given their views on the proposed "Plan B".

Phil Barnett, Billy Drummond and Erik Pattenden, Liberal Democrat West Berkshire Councillors for Newbury Greenham said:

"The West Berkshire Council administration's Plan B for a site for the new football facility in Newbury is to use the Diamond field in Greenham which was the old baseball field on the Pigeons Farm estate. As your Councillors, some of us since 2000, we have worked hard for everyone on the Estate, especially all young people. We were involved in getting the skateboard ramp, the youth shelter and outdoor gym installed, and were responsible for a Members Bid to fit the Portacabin out as a changing room for Sunday league teams, goal posts and nets, for a ditch and a gate to stop the travelling community from gaining access, as well as getting the baseball scoreboard revamped by the USAF.

The Council administration's plan includes a fence around the outside of the field, thus keeping out all the people we have tried to help.

In our view the Diamond field is not suitable at all – it’s too small, lacks the infrastructure for access and parking, would represent a serious loss of amenity to the local community and current users of the site, so it should not be included as part of this report.

We do not support Plan B and ask the West Berkshire Council administration to reconsider Plan B."

You can read the Council administration's full plans here.

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