Sandleford Development Meeting Success

The Liberal Democrat event on Friday night to discuss the proposed development in Wash Common was a huge success, with a large number of residents able to voice their views.

The event kicked off with a video from Lib Dem Cllr Tony Vickers explaining the history of the proposed Sandleford development and his involvement in it, followed by Wash Common colleague Cllr Adrian Abbs setting out the approach he intends to take to the planning applications.

After a short statement from Peter Norman on behalf of the "Say No to Sandleford" campaign there followed a question and answer session for residents allowing them to voice their views, both for and against the development. 

Cllr Adrian Abbs said "It was great to be able to speak to so many Wash Common residents tonight. Despite the ongoing coronavirus restrictions it is important that local people are still given the opportunity to raise any issues they have with their representatives in local government. The Sandleford development has been a contentious issue in our area for some time and I wanted to insure people were aware and had access to the relevant resources so they could draw their own conclusion."


You can watch a video of Cllr Tony Vickers' opening statement below.

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