Council Leader's defence of Tory Cllr's transphobic retweet proves exactly why we need a change

This evening at a full council meeting, Conservative leader Cllr Graham Jones was asked why Dominic Boeck has not been removed from the Executive Committee given the verdict of the Council's Governance and Ethics Committee on his Twitter activity. 

In a comprehensive reply, Cllr Jones says he believes the Cllr Boeck made an honest mistake and suggested people needed to be more tolerant of human error. 

The Liberal Democrats have been at the forefront of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) equality for decades. We have the best record in Parliament of any political party on LGBT+ equality issues, and we continue to develop and promote progressive policies for LGBT+ people.

Cllr Dominic Boeck was proven to have broken the council code as reported in the BBC here

We want everyone in West Berkshire to feel safe and welcome. That is why we're launching our ambitious campaign to take control of the council in 2019 and end their 14-year Tory rule. 

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