Lee Dillon responds to Chesham & Amersham Result

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, Lee Dillon, has spoken of his "delight" at the election of Sarah Green as the new Liberal Democrat MP for Chesham and Amersham, and has passed on his congratulations following the result of yesterday's Parliamentary by-election.

During the night it was announced that the Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Green had won the Chesham and Amersham Parliamentary by-election and has therefore been elected the new MP for the constituency.

The final result saw Sarah Green win by 57% to the Conservatives' 36%, with the Greens and Labour far behind on 4% and 2% respectively. If repeated in Newbury at the next General Election, the 25% swing from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats would see a Lib Dem MP elected.

Lee Dillon, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, said:

"I'm delighted to see Sarah Green elected as the new Liberal Democrat MP for Chesham & Amersham and I have passed on my congratulations to her.

This result is a further demonstration, following the local election results both here in Newbury and elsewhere, that the Conservatives' southern 'Blue Wall' is beginning to crumble to the Liberal Democrats.

If this result is mirrored in Newbury at the next General Election, then Newbury will once again have a Liberal Democrat MP.

Across the south, voters are fed up of being taken for granted by the Conservatives and not being listened to. We saw that in the recent Clay Hill by-election and we have now seen it at a parliamentary level in Chesham and Amersham.

In both Clay Hill and Chesham and Amersham people have put their faith in the Liberal Democrats to stand up for their communities. With the Tories not listening and Labour and the Greens both far behind in Newbury, voters here should do the same."

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