Fix Windfall Tax to Help Struggling Families, says Lee Dillon

Lee Dillon, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, has called on the Government to make urgent changes to their windfall tax to ensure that the huge profits announced by energy giants such as BP are covered, with the money going to help struggling families.

This follows the announcement by BP of underlying profits of £6.9bn for the three months to June, after oil and gas prices soared. These profits, which are more than triple the amount compared to the same time period last year, have been described by the Liberal Democrats as a “slap in the face” for everyone across the country who is struggling with rising energy bills contributing to the cost of living crisis.

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have accused the Conservatives of being “distracted” and unwilling to take the urgent action required to support those who need it most.

Lee Dillon, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, said:

“While so many dread the prospect of record high energy bills this winter, the news of massive profits made off the backs of those who are struggling to keep their finances afloat will feel like a slap in the face to everyone across the country.

“We need urgent action from the Conservative government to help those struggling with the cost of living. Instead they are distracted by a leadership contest where neither candidate offers real solutions to people’s problems, and in which our own MP backs the candidate whose tax hikes on individuals made things so much worse for so many.

The Government’s windfall tax must be adjusted to cover these large profits being announced by energy companies, and the money collected should be used to fund the urgent action needed to help families before it is too late.”

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