Andover Road Crossing Update

Cllrs Adrian Abbs and Tony Vickers, Lib Dem councillors for Wash Common on West Berkshire Council, are delighted with the response from local residents to their suggestion that there should be a pedestrian crossing further south on Andover Road.

If you would like to support our campaign, our petition is still open for signatures here.

We think the best place is between the bus stops opposite Ladwell Close and residents seem to agree. But other suggestions have come to us for two different locations where crossings are needed on Andover Road:

  1. For St Bart’s School upper entrance, off Bartlemy Road, there needs to be a safe crossing for the many children living in the area of One Tree / Culver Roads and beyond – Chandos and Wendan Roads. They are not going to walk all the way to the light-controlled crossing beyond Buckingham Road when there is a nearer school entrance – but it is currently an accident waiting to happen at school start and finish times here.
  2. For people living on Monks Road or visiting Falkland Surgery on foot – and also wanting to shop at Monument Close – there is no safe crossing of Andover Road either side of the ‘dumb-bell’ (double roundabout), apart from a central refuge on the north side (by the former Bell pub) which isn’t wide enough for a push-chair. The zebra crossing of Essex Street is no help if you live west of Andover Road.

Both the District Council and Newbury Town Council claim to want more people to walk and bike for short journeys, to improve public health and help tackle climate change. So they must make it possible for people to walk with safety – especially crossing busy roads.

If it means drivers spend a minute or two more behind the wheel at pedestrian crossings, it might perhaps persuade some of them to walk instead: too many people choose to drive who could easily walk, keep healthy, save money and save our Planet!

We shouldn’t have to wait until a child is killed before we do what is needed to make our roads safe enough for those who want to do the right thing to choose walking over driving. We will make it a priority to push to whatever it needs to be done to get these crossings installed.


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